Shopping Manaus

Design and manufacture of tensioned membrane to cover the Shopping Manaus Via Norte, total area: 5,000 m².

Recife International Airport

The International Airport in Recife, in her most recent remodeling, received coverage for the building, an attached garage a pair of twin marquees.

Arena Amazon

The Pistelli Pelz performed the installation of tensioned membrane on the roof of the stadium of Manaus, the tensioned are widely used in stadiums around the world.

Tensoestrutura Cuiabá Stadium

The coverage of the stands of the stadium in Cuiabá, made in tensioned membrane was installed and made by Pistelli Pelz.

Cover for Stadium Stand – Arena Domingos de Leal – Maranhão

In São Luiz do Maranhão, Pistelli Pelz developed the first coverage for the stand of a Brazilian stadiums.

House Color – Brasilia

This structure is an initial framework of the marquees all over the Federal Capital.

University of Brasilia

The Amphitheatre of the University of Brasilia has 2,600 sqm of covered area, having six conical masts galvanized metal sheet treated with fire.

Arena Theater Algar - Uberlândia - Belo Horizonte

Property is Included in a totally irregular private forest land owned by the company ACS call center, with mast structure in different heights, Is valorized the space with an amphitheater.

Real estate Coelho da Fonseca – São Paulo

This project was conducted by one of the leading companies in real estate developments in São Paulo.

Chapel of Saint Crescentia and Frei Galvão

Consecrated in 2007 by the holiness Pope Benedict XVI, this tensioned ceiling was constructed at the Hacienda Esperanza Guaratinguetá- SP.

Memorial Zumbi dos Palmares – Rio de Janeiro

Installed in Volta Redonda - RJ, Memorial Zumbi dos Palmares, this coverage has its main focus on removing the center mast that came.

Museu Cata-Vento Cultural – São Paulo

The exhibition center Cata-Vento Cultural in São Paulo, Pistelli Pelz found the solution for ongoing innovation and innovative coverage.

Ramos pool – Circus Flying – Rio de Janeiro

This Giant Tent was designed to host a variety of activities within them to art shows and incentives for the local community culture and welfare.

Glazed facade
Municipality of Uruguaiana

The tensioned membrane applied as an acoustic shell for the stage.

Amazon Museum

Built in Manaus-AM, the Museum of the Amazon's main objective is to promote public interaction with the flora and fauna of the region.

Marina Verolme

Used in Marina Verolme in Angra dos Reis, the tensioned membrane was specially installed for a day of parades and cocktails.

Posto IT

This tensile structure was developed as an alternative to the traditional coverage of gas stations offering an aesthetic difference, lightness and highlights.

Child's city water park

Structure of galvanized steel with two masts and guyed Hyperstatic and articulated arms.

University of Campinas

The tensioned membrane makes up the new space that was specially created for the core sciences at the University of Campinas.

Foundation University of Rio Grande

Coverage for sports court in twisted arches and tensioned membrane.

Stage in the public square – São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo

Aimed at conducting concerts and various events, the tensioned structure installed in a square in the city of São Bernardo do Campo.

Popular Galery – Catanduva – São Paulo

Holds stands for Street Sellers, projected like an inverted cone, collects the rain water through the central column.

University of São Paulo – USP

The integrated part with Cientec Park USP has as its main essence, demonstrate in practice the most common physical theories for high school students.

Legislative Assembly of São Paulo

Monumental structure was installed in the auditorium of the State, which measures about 216 square meters.

Restaurant School

Tensioned ceiling supported by two autoclaved eucalyptus poles, support bases in carbon steel metal.

Beach House - Recife

Installed in a private club overlooking the beach Enseadinha - Boa Viagem, tensioned ceiling is used as a sort of shading

Caxias do Sul University

The tensioned membrane was installed to areas of the house such as classrooms, support service to students, branch banking agencies and convenience stores.

Sun Microsystems

Ancorada nas paredes laterais dos edifícios, a membra translúcida é composta por um grande arco com colunas metálicas de perfis personalizados e cortinas em cristal.

São Lourenço da Mata Bridge - Pernambuco

The bridge connecting Recife to São Lourenço, was coated to win a "fun" aspect, inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.


Located in the city of São Carlos / SP, the tensioned structure was adapted to the situation.

Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro - PUC

The distinctive design of this deck was designed for use as classroom spaces.

Hospital Barra d’or – Rio de Janeiro

This structure offers a fine and sophisticated appearance in the environment, consists of two masts articulate and ahead of its time, achieving better protection.

Sales stand in São Paulo - Gafisa

A simple structure in their conception, a project that stands out for its lightness and symbols.

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Rio de Janeiro

With a decorative and integrated to the square effect, the functional aspect of the protection of both boards about people accessing

Eletropaulo – São Paulo

Tensioned coverage for domestic courtyard in Office building.

Comgás – São Paulo

Located in the former gasometer structure, coverage is suspended by steel cables and has a lower base with overhead power lines following the perimeter of the existing.


A structure designed, adaptable to any event promoting the soil, made with weather resistant .

American Chamber of Commerce – Amcham

Structure made of two poles with tube bundles, balancing the central cone suspended.

St. Benedict Square – Aparecida – São Paulo

Suspended structure with lateral drains that covers an area of 120 m², widely used for shows and events.

BH Trans – Belo Horizonte

This is a taut canvas with side locks and screwed fittings systems with a view to ease of assembly and disassembly of the membrane.

North of Brasilia Lake Rim Project

Structures supplied to the Government of Mexico City as part of the development of the northern shore of the lake.

Restaurant Made in Japan – São Paulo

Tightening membranes was the solution to transform the design of ceilings.

Stage in the public square – Lorena – São Paulo

A concepção utilizada para essa cobertura foi inspirada na semelhança a uma secção de corneta, permitindo à prefeitura a utilização da função de concha acústica.


Stressed with hexagonal base but without central mast, was resolved to install three large metal frames profile structure.

Arena Theatre – Intermares – Porto de Galinhas

Coverage for space Conventions Hotel, designed with three masts, strategically placed to not interfere with the view of the stage, and the movement of visitors.

Municipal Market – Ver o Peso – Belém do Pará

Developed by escritório architecture Flávcio Carvalho (RJ) and executed by the Pistelli Pelz.