New Norman Foster project in Russia bet on a combination of metal and glass

By: au.pini | Posted on July 14, 2014

Facade color of the new headquarters of RMK copper producer can subtly change according to the season and the sun's position

Novo projeto de Norman Foster na Rússia

Disclosure: Norman + Partners

Foster + Partners, the British architect Norman Foster, revealed the design for the new headquarters of producing RMK copper, located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The building will have 13 floors and an atrium 12 feet high.
The offices with glass walls will be arranged on two levels that share the same floor, connected by staircases and panoramic lifts. The rooms are in two rows, and in the center is a large hallway with rest areas for employees. Facilities include a gym, sauna, meeting rooms and dining rooms.
The facade of the tower is a mix of transparent and metallic structure, whose color can subtly change according to the season and the sun's position, since the metal coating and the glass reflect the natural color. The balance between metal and glass inside the building gives a comfortable temperature locking the direct heat from the sun and at the same time allowing the use of natural light. At the top of the building was placed the logo of RMK consists of the blue and pink colors.
By staying in front of a public park, the project aims to integrate the environment without visually impact the landscape. The tower also has outdoor patios wooded so that employees can enjoy nature.

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