Emporia, boldly built with curved glass

|Sources: Anavidro

The city of Malmö, Sweden, the connection point between the Swedish territory and Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is a place known for a historic architecture, traditional Nordic countries. The architects of Wingårdhs office, however, seem willing to change this picture with the Emporia, new multipurpose building designed for the city.
The Emporia is a rectangular building with a facade designed regularly to the center of the building. At this point, the architecture designed by the Swedish becomes fully: the drawing of the building gives the impression that the glass facade is being sucked in, an effect created by the use of curved glass panels. Even the material used, double bronze glass, gives a unique color to the project.
With 27,000 m², the site should be both commercial and residential, with the best view, from the top, being reserved for offices and apartments. Check out the images below.


Front facade of Emporia, focusing on the vortex effect created by the curved glass (www.worldtravelimages.net)


Night view of the central area of the facade (www.flickriver.com)

Here bimbon.com.br, a little more about the architecture of Shopping Emporia, one of the main references in glass facades for Pistelli.