In times of crisis, industrial warehouses are new applications

| Sources: Medabil

Structural sheds, prefabricated, modular inflatable and are differentiated applications in times of crisis and are used in various segments and for a variety of purposes. For this, also have new technologies.


In this sense, in times of crisis the finished products storage and raw materials become necessary because many companies can not drastically reduce their rate of production, whereas sales decline and the need for storage increases. Another point that we can also highlight the advantage in the use of industrial buildings, is not paying taxes, since this type of structure is not considered as building area, not forgetting also the speed and convenience found in the implementation and installation of structures, as mounting may be accomplished within three days.

This alternative storage and protection has been the solution for companies that were with expansion plans and production investments in progress.

The Sheds Structural Lonados and are a great choice for industries, is also an option for temporary or permanent storage of products. It can be installed quickly and simply, in addition, can be dismantled or moved to any place, depending on the needs of each customer. And that's why the Pistelli Pelz works with a variety of products and services, meeting all quality and dedication. See our projects.See our projects

By Larissa Barros - Pistelli