Tensioned Structure

The Tense-structures, stretched taut structures or structures are those toppings whose main element is the cover itself (canvas), which in a constant state of traction through steel cables, keep the desired shape, promoting balance system. Unlike other covers, the surface-structure has in the tissue intrinsic shape and resilience to external efforts.

Its resistance is larger or smaller according to the geometry assumed where double bend and the fabric with the material of the membrane. These tensile structures, temporary and removable most, offer a combination of clean and aesthetic appeal structures. The waveforms often resemble natural phenomena such as waves, clouds or mountains with snow-covered tops, come as an inspirational source for many generations of designers, looking for architectural forms based on fundamental and organic principles. [...] See more +

tensioned membrane structure canvas shopping tensoestruturas coverage

Shopping Manaus

Design and manufacture of tensioned membrane to cover the Shopping Manaus Via Norte.

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tensioned membrane covering canvas tensoestruturas stage canopy cuiaba

Arena Pantanal - Cuiaba

The coverage of the stands of the stadium in Cuiabá, made in tensioned membrane was installed and made by Pistelli Pelz.

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